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#Hotel chainHotel countNr. roomsAverage room count in hotelAverage user rating of hotels in this chain
(Worldwide / China / Shenyang)
1Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts25912968.06 / 8.00 / 7.65Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview, Crowne Plaza Shenyang Zhongshan
2Doubletree by Hilton13893898.17 / 6.95 / 8.10DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang
3Grand Hyatt13533538.44 / 8.82 / 8.70Grand Hyatt Shenyang
4Hanting Inns & Hotels2225931180.18 / 0.18 / 0.00Hanting Express Shenyang Bei Er Dong Road Branch, Hanting Express Shenyang Beiling Park, Hanting Express Shenyang Beixing, Hanting Express Shenyang Huanghe Avenue Ju Ran Zhi Jia, Hanting Express Shenyang Longemont Square, Hanting Express Shenyang Medical University, Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street, Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street Gugong, Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street Henglong Plaza, Hanting Express Shenyang Nanjing South Street, Hanting Express Shenyang North Railway Station Huigong Branch, Hanting Express Shenyang North Railway Station North, Hanting Express Shenyang Sanhao Street, Hanting Express Shenyang Shifu Road, Hanting Express Shenyang South Tower, Hanting Express Shenyang Tiexi Huaxiang, Hanting Express Shenyang Tiexi Jiajucheng, Hanting Express Shenyang Train Station West Square, Hanting Express Shenyang West Tower Branch, Hanting Express Shenyang Wuai, Hanting Express Shenyang Xizhong Street, Hanting Express Zhong Shan Square (Shenyang Heping Street)
5Hi Inn11681680.46 / 0.46 / 0.00Hi Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street
6Holiday Inn Express11921928.39 / 7.20 / 7.40Holiday Inn Express Shenyang Golden Corridor
7Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts11811818.05 / 7.48 / 7.60Holiday Inn Shenyang Zhongshan
8Hotel Jen14074078.13 / 8.30 / 8.30Hotel Jen Shenyang
9ibis24892457.70 / 6.55 / 7.00Hotel Ibis Shenyang Tiexi, Ibis Shenyang Taiyuan Street
10JI Hotels56581324.13 / 4.13 / 2.80JI Hotel Shenyang Consulate Branch, Ji Hotel Shenyang Middle Street, JI Hotel Shenyang North Railway Station, JI Hotel Shenyang Railway Station Branch, JI Hotel Zhongshan Park Shenyang
11Jin Jiang Hotels13823827.49 / 7.49 / 8.00Shenyang Haiyun Jin Jiang International Hotel
12Jinjiang Inns88001006.01 / 6.01 / 3.01Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Nanhu Park, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang North Station, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Palace Museum, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Wu'ai, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Xinggong North Street, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Xingshun Street, Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Zhong Street, Jinjiang Inn - West Shenyang Beiling
13Kempinski13323328.34 / 7.68 / 8.30Kempinski Hotel Shenyang
14Maritim16316317.81 / 8.60 / 8.60Maritim Hotel Shenyang
15Metropolo Jinjiang Hotels11401407.70 / 7.70 / 6.60Metropolo Hotel - Shenyang, Beiyi Road branch
16Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts14244248.32 / 8.34 / 8.40Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang
17Sheraton13403408.11 / 7.64 / 8.10Sheraton Shenyang South City Hotel
18Smart hotels11401406.32 / 6.76 / 6.60Metropolo Hotel - Shenyang, Beiyi Road branch
19Sofitel15905908.52 / 8.00 / 8.30Sofitel Shenyang Lido
20Somerset12702708.13 / 8.21 / 8.70Somerset Heping Shenyang
21Starway Hotels198982.19 / 2.19 / 6.50Starway Hotel Shenyang Tiexi Square
22[Plateno Hotels Group] 7Days Inn12971813.50 / 3.50 / 4.237Days Inn Shenyang Beixing, 7Days Inn Shenyang Gugong Huaiyuanmen Subway Station, 7Days Inn Shenyang Lianhe Road Jixiang Market, 7Days Inn Shenyang Middle Street Pedestrain Street, 7Days Inn Shenyang Nanta Shoes City, 7Days Inn Shenyang North 1st West Road, 7Days Inn Shenyang North Railway Station, 7Days Inn Shenyang Pangjiang Street Subway Station, 7Days Inn Shenyang Shifu Square, 7Days Inn Shenyang Taiyuan South Street, 7Days Inn Shenyang Zhongshan Square, 7Days Inn Wuai Market
 Non-chain Hotels4889411866.14 / 5.82 / 5.147Days Inn Shenyang Railway Station, 7Days Inn Tiexi Square, Dongsheng Apartment, Gloria Plaza Hotel Shenyang, Golden Hotel Shenyang, ...
 Total115200801756.13 / 5.03 / 4.18 

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Summary: in Shenyang there are 22 hotel chains. The biggest chains are: Hanting Inns & Hotels with 22 hotels, [Plateno Hotels Group] 7Days Inn with 12 hotels and Jinjiang Inns with 8 hotels; on the other hand the smallest hotel chains in Shenyang are Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts with 1 hotel, Metropolo Jinjiang Hotels with 1 hotel and Maritim with 1 hotel.

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